Yankee Candle

Whenever you find a little bit of magic, I feel that one should share it with the rest of the world. The world needs love and something beautiful. You can find magic, but only if you believe in it.

I found myself in a craft shop in Southdowns; little did I know that finding magic was just a few steps away. On a shelve, I saw candles, a little bit different than what I usually buy. I looked through the candles and found the most exotic candle smells, the one that I found the most interesting was the Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle (before you say that is not exotic at all, hear me out). This candle smelled like freshly baked vanilla cupcakes, and it made the house feel very cozy, especially on rainy days.

I have only four big Yankee Candles and a few smaller Yankee Candles. I feel that when you purchase one of these candles you choose them with great care to add to the rest of your collection. There is much reason why we human beings love candles, but I feel that buying candles that you hand choose, adds so much more value to your experience with it.

If you lit the candle when you take a relaxing bath, or when you have a candlelit dinner you can choose the scents you let free within your house and make sure that you enjoy the candle much more than just burning it one side.

Candles create such a warm, vibrant feeling and it makes every moment spent with a burning candle near you, a particular moment. You need to live every day as if it was a special occasion. That is where I believe you will find the magic, within a Yankee Candle.

P.S. Loving candles, like Yankee Candles, can be a lovely hobby, there are plenty of accessories that you can purchase and enjoy making the magic happen.