So what do you do when you find a beautiful decent typewriter that still works for only R20? I would guess that you will buy this typewriter although you don’t need one, at all. Yes, I bought myself a typewriter not too long ago, I thought that begin all hipster would improve my writing, but all it did was enhance my patient and of course my handwriting.

My handwriting is terrible; I never knew that it was all that bad, until the day my history teachers told me ” You are going to become a doctor one day, not because you are smart, but because your handwriting is terrible.” To this day I still don’t know if she called me dumb or if she only tried to explain to me how terrible my handwriting was. (I did get a distinction on that test though. 😀 )

So recently my typewriter ran out of ink, and I had to figure out how you need to replace the ink. I found out that you have to buy ink ribbons and put this ribbon inside the typewriter. The ink ribbons that I found was about R 15 which was about the same price I paid for the typewriter.

This story with the typewriter began to become a bit more difficult than I thought it would. I have a laptop I don’t need a typewriter, yet I was hooked on the idea and in love with the way it made letters look extra special, so I bought the ink ribbon and got my hands dirty, like really dirty. The ink became my new accessory for about a week or so.

Nowadays the typewriter works smoothly, and I came to like using it. My boyfriend bought me another one recently, but she still needs to be fixed up before she will work decently.

It is incredible to see where it all began regarding typing machine and where we are today. Now you even find typewriter fonts, and you don’t need a typewriter to create the same effect.