Cats on Amps

Did you know that scientific research has found that cats only tolerate humans, they have a parasite in their feces that gets into the human brain, the same parasite that rats get, which trick the rat into thinking that they like the smell of cat urine. Cats will move their ears when they recognize their owner’s voice, but they will not react to it at all.

As you can guess, I’m not the biggest fan of cats. Cats are mean and bossy and only tolerate humans. Fortunately, a sneaky little cat named Twiggy showed me how wonderful it could be to not only like cats but, to love cats. He loves cuddles while still enjoys a bit of revenge on spiders who gets in his way. 

Twiggy sometimes coughs, and if I ask him if he is okay, he falls onto his side and plays dead for a few seconds. Sometimes he licks my hand, I like to think that is his way of giving me affection, but I guess he is just marking his territory.

Cats are unique and beautiful in their way, and I have this idea that you have to make a choice, between being a cat person or a dog person, little did I know that it is possible to be both. I came to love both cats and dogs, and that allowed me to receive more love, for choosing to care significantly about both these creatures.

Little Twiggy still catches me occasionally, by jumping at my feet and playing with my socks, but that little black cat stole my heart.