The Rabbit Hole

I suppose that it would be a clichè if I started this blog off by saying that I finally found the place where Alice got lost in Wonderland since the area is called The Rabbit Hole, but I am starting it off that way anyway.

There are moments at times where it feels that most restaurants are the same and most of the time it seems like that. Restaurants don’t always have a vibe or that small thing that make them different or unique. The Rabbit Hole has a beautiful vibe and offers a wide range of unique scenery. Not one of the tables are decorated the same way, and it allows any person to get loose and get creative.

There are books everywhere you look, and you are sure to find a few hidden beauties if you look close enough. Remember magic will only be seen by those who believe in it. Surrounded by soft music and nature close by this restaurant allows you to be at ease and appreciate the lovely food.

We received a bread on the house with something that seems to look like caviar, but it is a sauce. This was different, and it impressed me.

Going out for dinner should be fun and enjoyable. I feel that at times friends, family and people forget that having dinner at a restaurant goes further than just eating food and going home. Why not be The Mad Hatter or Alice lost in Wonderland? The Rabbit Hole will ensure that you will feel lost within a world of wonder and magic.