The Leaf In The Pathway

There are times when we feel small, insignificant and as if everything is pointless. We forget the value that we have, as an individual you should know that what you are, is enough.  These thoughts only recently started making their way into my conscious mind and allowed certain emotions to service within my heart.  When I was in Cape-Town, I found a dead leaf laying on the floor in the middle of a pathway up the mountain. Looking at this leaf, I could see that it has been there for an extended period and that not many people have walked up that road since the leaf was found in the middle of the road. Looking at this dead leaf I saw all the detail and beauty that it has. The leaf was laying with plenty of others, and yet I saw the unique beauty it has. This made me realize that all things are different and unique. We do not need to change anything or something that is already perfect the way it is. I wish that people could understand this concept. There is no need to change who you are. There is no need to feel that you are not worth anything. You are significant and no matter how small you may think at times, just remember every leaf on a tree is needed and beautiful, and so are you. If you look with open eyes full of magic and hope, you will find beauty in everything even something as simple as a leaf.

Choose always to see beauty.
Love and Light,