The Addams Family

I always felt like I had a dark side to me, and don’t get me wrong when I say dark, I don’t mean evil. I believe that there is a big difference between being drawn to the dark side and being drawn to the evil side. The dark side would be a place where you can be unapologetic yourself.

Being authentic and genuine to what your heart desires and indulge in the darker things in life. I wanted to find the perfect balance of enjoying the dark side without feeling like I am getting lost within it. I recently discovered the most beautiful, dark, funny and heartwarming family that allows the dark side to be enjoyable and mesmerizing.

“They’re creepy, and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re altogether ooky, The Addams Family.” This family was created and brought to life by Charles Addams. He created the perfect family in my opinion. The parents Gomez Addams and Morticia Addams are always proud and supportive of their children Wednesday Addams and Pugsley Addams. Uncle Fester and Grandmama always spoils the children too much and make sure that they get away with almost anything.

Gomez and Morticia love each other unconditionally. They spend most of their time together, and they have fallen in love at a young age and have never fallen out of love. Whenever Morticia speaks French, Gomez finds that his sinus problem disappears. Morticia loves black, and she is a firm believer that blondes do not have more fun.

This Family may only be found in books or on the television screen, but they are strange, proud and lovable. They show us what a real family is. Loving one another and being joyful in everything they do. They are also not ashamed of Cousin It who seems like he is only a bundle of hair. Thing and Lurch who are the helpers are part of the family.

Thing is a hand in a box, who assists with small tasks within the house, like handing the scissors to Morticia when she is cutting of the rose buds from her roses, to make sure the thorns can grow bigger or giving the phone to Gomez when it rings. Lurch plays the harpoon, and it seems like the only thing that makes him truly happy, he barely speaks, and you are lucky if you find him smiling.

The Addams Family enjoys moonbathing, and they live next to a cemetery. If the children ask Morticia if they can go play outside, she will respond in a shocked tone of voice asking them ” In this weather? With all that blue sky and sunshine?”

I enjoyed both the series and the movies of The Addams Family, but the series made their way into my heart, and I wish that they made more season of The Addams Family back in 1964. I started reading The Addams Family: An Evilution and I loved every page so far, you almost feel part of the family.

P.S. In a world full of Kardashians, be a Morticia Addams.