There once was a little teabag who felt very much alone; he often wondered why no one would take him, and enjoy him with a warm cup of boiled water. So he set off on a journey to have a better understanding of what was wrong with him.

He made plenty of new friends. Finding out that some teas live freely and loose inside a tea book of wonder, while others found themselves in wooden boxes labeled as Blueberry Tea. The little tea bag felt that he was still missing something, why did people enjoy these teas and again leave him on one side.

He came across the Guru of all teas; this tea lived within a see-through teabag and had a tag with a long rope that allowed the teabag to float effortlessly in a boiled cup of water. The little tea bag asked the guru, why no one wanted him in a warm cup of boiled water, the guru responded with a simple yet mind haunting answers. He said, ” you caged yourself within your skin; you need to be set free.”

The little tea bag went back home and laid face down on the surfaces of the kitchen floor. The tea bag felt as if there was no hope in sight. A human then picked him up and said: “Oh, there you are, I have been looking for you everywhere!”. The human placed the teabag in a warm cup of boiled water, and the teabag was stunned. He thought that he was not good enough. During this time he came to realize that being you is more than sufficient and being an everyday tea bag never made him unworthy, he was there to be appreciated after a long day at work.

All teas are beautiful and lovely, and we should always strive to try new things. That is why I started infusing my tea, instead of just drinking tea in teabags, and I came to trying both these ways of making tea, and I fell in love with all the different tastes and smells.