Tatty Teddies

Tatty Teddies or like most people will know them ” Me to you Bears are a girl’s best friend.

They are also called “blue nose bears” because they all have small little blue noses.

We all have a little child within us, which enjoys the innocence of being who we indeed are. I do not want to admit that I am obsessed with these gray teddy bears ( I won’t call it an obsession, because, well, because I am not obsessed, okay!). My boyfriend knows that on every anniversary I want a Tatty Teddy.

This holiday my boyfriend looked after his friend’s house and dogs. Guess what we found in one of the rooms? Tatty Teddy everything. I felt like a little girl who just received an early Christmas gift. I had to make sure that I could capture this beautiful sight of little bears. I knew that there was a lot of bears but only grasp this concept after, sitting on the bed, covered by the Blue Noses Bears.

After taking the picture I felt self-conscious. I am an adult, finding joy by surround myself with little bears and taking a picture of it. Am I not too old for teddy bears? I then realized that being a child, and enjoying the innocence of life is nothing to be ashamed. We spend some much time being busy at jobs with dislike and making friends with the wrong people that we sometimes forget to sit between small gray bears and be happy.

I asked the family why they had so many Tatty Teddies for a 3-year-old girl since these bears are slightly expensive. The father said that every time their little girl grew 100 grams, he would go out and buy a Tatty Teddy for her. What a beautiful thing to do, I just had to share the story with you.

Remember to celebrate you and enjoy the little things too.