Spoil Yourself

I am not the type of person who goes out and buys everything organic or natural homemade products, but if there is one thing I buy that is natural and homemade, it would be handmade soap, bath bombs, and bath salt.  I am well aware that bathing is not for everyone, but enjoying a relaxing bath and spoiling yourself should be part of your weekly schedule.

Finding handmade products that do not cost you a fortune is a tough job and sometimes becomes a chore. I decided that it was time to go on an adventure and visit a new mall I never went to before (I feel that it is essential to go to new places often). I found a beautiful shop in Randridge Mall called Spoil Yourself.

When you walk into the store, you will be greeted with a smile and a lovely fragrance filling up your nose. In the little store, you will find everything that will make the perfect bathing experience.

They have a handmade soap that they make especially for your pets. I bought little Lola one of these soaps, and she loved it. I bought myself a bath bomb, bath salt, and a beautiful handmade shop. My skin did not only look soft, but it felt soft, and it smelled terrific.

When you buy products at Spoil Yourself, you will receive a loyalty card and every time you spent over a certain amount you get a stamp on the car. The moment that your card is full, you can get a bath salt or bath bomb for free.

If you ever find a lovely place such as Spoil Yourself you can be sure that you will always see only the best handmade products. I met the owner of the shop, an amiable, lovely lady who is extremely passionate about her shop and the products that she sells. Be sure to make a stop at this little shop, on your next adventure.