Spiritual Superiority : Jp Sears

People went crazy. They climb the highest mountains, and they stretched into the strangest yoga positions, to be one of the lucky few winners to receive an advance copy of JP Sears book. The book’s title is ‘How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority’.

JP Sears is the ultimate spiritual guru. He makes sure to keep you up to date with the latest spiritual trends, such as being gluten intolerant, becoming a vegetarian, eating organic food, how to take yoga photos for Instagram, and the essential teaching from JP Sears would be: how to be “Ultra Spiritual.” 

To enter the competition all you needed to do was, take a picture of you being Ultra Spiritual, upload it to Instagram, tag @awakenwithjp, use the hashtag #UltraSpiritual. If you won a book, JP would repost your picture on his page. It was amazing to see how people did handstands on the snow barehanded, drinking wine while doing yoga, standing on their head, or even putting the laundry basket onto their head while balancing on one foot.

I decided that I wanted to take part in this Ultra Spiritual challenge, got all the Buddha prayer beads, all the crystals that I could find and got my young bonsai tree. The theme I chose to use was playing the Ultra Spiritual Theme song. Luckily for me, JP said that I am playing the Ultra Spiritual Theme song for the best audience, and I won one of his books.

This book has an additional chapter, with 13 and a half steps, which makes this a limited edition book, making the reader extra Ultra Spiritual. JP Sears may joke around, but you can see in his work that he leads a strictly spiritual lifestyle,  coaching people to be Ultra Spiritual, with much more lessons we can learn from him.