Yes, I have a typewriter, and I love long sloppy handwritten letters, but I have to admit my smartphone is like a GPS. She is a beautiful rose gold color and she speaks my language. We go on adventures together and make tons of memories.

At times I stop and take a look around me, seeing people taking selfies, always looking into their little screens and I feel that we are missing what is essential. Why type when you can speak, to the people you love, who are right next to you? My Sister will forward me the video that she enjoyed, instead of walking to me and showing me the video. Do we get so lost in smartphones and is this a bad thing? Are we better off without them?

I feel that your smartphone is part of who you are. Your phone says something about you and helps us to keep in touch with anyone or everyone we want right over the world. We take pictures, and we get to keep these memories close to us.

We need to find balance with our phones because we make our phones the bad guys when we are entirely in control of how much time we spend on them. We love to hate away on technology, but we all realize that strangely our smartphones, does make life a little better.

My Mom is in the military, and she enjoys to camouflage up her smartphone in the same way, that she wears her camouflage uniform. Me, on the other hand, enjoy the softer more girly things in life, but if I had it my way, my phone would be matt black, because we all know black is so much more cheerful.