Silver Lining

When I decided that I want to write on a more regular basis, I promised myself that I would only write about beautiful and happy things. Breaking away from reality is okay, and I feel that we all need to do it at some point.  The story that I want to write about is something that makes me feel extremely sad, but at the same time, it gives one so much hope.

I love all types of dogs, but my favorite kind of dog would be a Border Collie. I got Instagram three years ago, and one of the first people that I started following was @bordernerd. She said that gray is beautiful and that we should look after our senior dogs just like we would look after puppies. She has two dogs, one border collie, and the other a Labrador. Jazzy and Cooper.

She takes the most beautiful picture with both of her lovely dogs, and she always has the most exciting videos about training. You can see how much Jazzy loves her and how much she loves Jazzy. Aki still takes Jazzy on wonderful adventures, but this week she broke my heart. 

She posted a picture of Jazzy, where she said that they found out that Jazzy has bone cancer and that this is one of the most painful and aggressive cancers.  Still, you can see in the picture how happy Jazzy is to be with Aki. I was devastated when I read this on Instagram, and if I felt like that, I can’t even imagine how Aki must feel.

Today she gave us all an update about how Jazzy is doing. She is in a lot of pain, and the emergency vet told Aki to put Jazzy down because her leg is broken in two places and cancer started spreading to her lungs. Amputation won’t be recommended because they say that the dog will only live 1-3 months after the operation.

So you might be asking me, where is the uplifting side of the story about Aki and Jazzy? My answer would be that Aki could have just listened to the emergency vet and put Jazzy down, but instead, she is giving Jazzy a chance to fight, she believes in Jazzy and would love to take her to the beach even it would only be one more time. 

That is why I feel that this is a story worth telling. Where humans show true love for other living beings, Aki is not giving up on Jazzy, and if that does not show true love, then I don’t know what will. I hope and believe everything will go well with the operation and that Jazzy will be feeling less pain soon.