A little about myself

I enjoy reading books, writing and taking pictures of everything that I find beautiful! I love dogs, my black cat Olaf, coffee, and Yankee Candles. One of my best friends is a little bonsai tree and her name is Serenity. She keeps me calm when my old friend anxiety decides to come keep my heart hostage for his entertainment. I have tattoos (Sorry Mom). My favorite colors are black, vantablack, carbon black and super black (I like purple sometimes too). My role model would be the one and only Morticia Addams (played by Carolyn Jones). I am still learning how to play my acoustic guitar and how to speak French. I am a plain and simple brunette. You can usually find me, sipping on coffee, sharing a small space with my dog ( she has no idea what personal space is ) and reading a good book.

P.S. Being pale is what I am good at.

Love and Light,