Paradise On The Ground

I am sure that I am not the only person who ever felt alone, lost and confused about what we do here on earth. Do we have a responsibility to ensure that we read the right books, follow the right religion are we supposed to learn something here or should we be chasing money, happiness, love? These lyrics found me a few days ago, and it has been stuck in my head ever since. “I’ve been upside down; I don’t wanna be the right way round, can’t find paradise on the ground” These words are compelling, the song explains how all we do as humans are hideaway, chase the day and seem never to find paradise on the ground. 

This reminded me of a beautiful picture that I took in Cape-Town. We were walking rather far, and in between breaths I tried to take a picture, experience the beauty in person and also be in the moment, so trying to keep all those things together I just took pictures of everything that I found beautiful. Later that night I went through all the image and I saw a photo, no editing, no filter just the raw, natural photo and I couldn’t believe that I didn’t even realize the beauty of this nature while I was there.

Everything there was burned out and dry, but right in the middle of this chaos and death, there was a beautiful white arum lily. Only looking at the picture a sense of innocence, love, life, and wonder found it’s way into my heart. The song explains how we chase the day, and we can’t find paradise on the ground, but there it was in the middle of chaos and death, a flower, who stood tall and bloomed anyway.

We can’t hide away, we can’t just chase the day, we shouldn’t be in a cage, we should find paradise on the ground.