Meaningful Rain Drops

This afternoon I stood up from my desk and dragged my feet to the training rooms. I had to make sure that all the computers were running and that the software was working smoothly. I noticed that a few of the machines had some issues which annoyed me since it was almost time to go home – and whenever I leave my desk for a few moments, emails pop up like rice-ants before it is going to rain. Most of the issues where sorted and I started feeling a bit better about the situation, just, at that moment a drop of water from the air con splashed on my cheek. I look up, and there goes another drop of water, this time falling on the keyboard. Now, you can understand my frustration – I immediately got upset and stormed out of the training room and walked straight to the vending machine and bought myself chocolate. I just started cutting out sugary snacks out of my diet rather nicely, but this seemed like a good enough reason to break that habit. I made my way back to the training room – inside the room two computers did not want to turn on, so I got on my knees and checked what was going on. In the corner of my eye I noticed something on the window close by, it was small drops of water claiming to the window frame, but how could this be, it was not raining, was it? It was pouring outside, and I didn’t even notice. This was the moment I dropped everything and stood extremely close to the window and appreciated the raindrops falling anywhere and everywhere. This broke my heart into little pieces, when did we become this, human beings with beating hearts and warm hands to be so could for a little bit of money! The air con indeed was not dripping; it was only the rain trying to get my attention (and the roof was leaking, but that is not the point here!) 

Love your work, but love yourself more!