Bread and Roses

Bread & Roses. What more does a girl want?

It was the perfect combination of something sweet and something beautiful. I was getting lost in the big city of Johannesburg and finding myself somewhere at the corner of 4th Avenue and 7th Street. In desperate need of a decent cup of coffee and something sweet. There it was, the Bread and Rose Cafe & Bistro.

I am getting lost in one of the books I found on the shelf behind me. Time passes as I sip on my homemade cappuccino and baked cheesecake with a sour mixed berry sauce.

If you want to work or get lost in your thoughts, this is a beautiful place to do so. I always say that you will find your one million dollar idea in a coffee shop. I can promise you that this is one of those coffee shops.

If you are a serious coffee drinker or just a person who can appreciate a good cup of coffee in a pleasant atmosphere, this coffee shop would be perfect for you. If you sit there with your laptop or your typewriter, you will feel welcome and at ease.

I enjoyed the location of the coffee shop, the decor, and the theme. Being at a place called Bread and Roses allows one to also get creative with ideas and thoughts.