Atticus Poetry

When we talk about writing, we always think about the “once upon a time” type of books, or we think about journalists and how they write about all things necessary. Yet, many of us forget about the pure art form and beauty which only a few fortunate writers have, and that would be poetry.

How many people or writers have you met who possess the rare and beautiful talent, to make you feel all the emotions known to humankind by reading only a small collection of words?

I have always been hooked on the writers and poets who have lived many years before now, believing that truly beautiful work had been left in the past and that it will have to be a miracle to stumble upon a poet today that carries so much beauty in his work.

One sunny afternoon, after working my 9-5 job I found myself stuck in traffic, skipping through my everyday music and thought that I needed the inspiration to keep me away from my good old friend anxiety. I google the words “love, poetry and motorcycles” because hey, I can live on the edge too. A few seconds went bay, and there it was poetry, love, and motorcycles.

Atticus was the name of the poet, the moment I got home I did some more research on this poet “Atticus,” and to my surprise, there was so much more and less to this talented writer. All that I know about this person is that the poet is male, blond and enjoys whiskey.

At first, this seemed to be the most annoying thing ever because if you google Ernest Hemingway, you will see his date of birth, his work, and photos, but Atticus has left his readers to have an imagination, leaving his work faceless and nameless for that fact. Later on I had enjoyed the freedom and space, free of judgment, because he had given all a wonderful gift who enjoys his work, simply because we don’t know much of who he is, his work stays untouched by human judgment caused by which school he went to or by the way that he looks.

His poems are pure, raw and beautiful. His work keeps that little spark in your heart and imagination bright. I always believed that poetry was intended to leave one a bit darker than before you have read the poem, but Atticus has changed all that with his heartwarming poems.

“Poetry is a lifelong waged against ineffable beauty.” – Atticus



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