A Letter to Milo

Dear Milo,

A letter to you. I will be using brackets here and there to ensure that other people reading this letter will also be able to follow and understand the meaning of this blog post.

It was six years ago when I had lost my best friend – Paljas. She was such a beautiful and unique border collie. She was a part of my life since I was only three years old and when I had to say goodbye to her, I had genuinely thought that I would never love another dog that much ever again. 

A few months later my Mom and Sister came home with a golden brown Labrador and named him Milo. Yes, Milo, this was you. You were so small, clumsy and wagged your tail so much that it felt like we always left a fan on somewhere.

I was not too happy about your arrival; my heart was still in pieces for having to say goodbye to my best friend. I did not give you much cuddles, hugs or love at the time because I had decided to keep my walls high around my heart.

On a rainy afternoon, I saw you standing in front of the gate barking in the rain, and I decided to open up for you, you ran straight into the pouring rain and started biting at the raindrops, this was not something that I was used to, since Paljas was extremely afraid of rain and thunder. Your smile was the only thing I noticed because it seemed so big and authentic. I joined you in the rain, catching raindrops on my tongue and for the first time in a long time, I could feel the heavyweight on my chest becoming lighter, and my tears turned to tears of joy.

That night we cuddled, and I gave you half my plate of food to enjoy because who likes dry dog food when you can feast on Mom’s freshly cooked dinner.

Milo, you have grown into a healthy, beautiful and wonderful Labrador cross Spaniel. You make me, and everyone else smiles so much. (Milo does not like strangers, but if he knows you, he will love you like you are his family.)

There are many things that make you so very special to all of us Milo, one of those reasons could be the fact that you climb trees although you are a dog (he thinks that he is a bird) another reason is that you always give love to anyone who needs it a little bit more on a specific day. You love unconditionally until you smell someone making or eating food (he enjoys eating a lot more than rainy days and walks around the block).

Milo, thank you for being who you are, and who you are is a loyal and loving dog to us all.


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